I'm an independent software consultant and a recovering academic. Probably the best label for what I do is "research software engineer". In practice, that means I spend my time working with domain specialists to figure out how to solve their computational problems.

I'm available for hire on a freelance basis. Please take a look at the consulting page and get in touch if you might be interested in working together.

For the past few years I've been working in the astrophysics group at the University of Oxford. My work here has been largely focused on time-domain astronomy - chasing things that go bump in the night sky - as part of the 4 Pi Sky project, which (broadly) aims to automate both the detection and follow-up observation of astronomical transients. You can find more background information on the research page.

Along the way, I've worked on a number of open-source software packages. You can find some highlights and brief descriptions on the code page.

Occasionally I find myself doing things that I think may be of wider interest, or simply aren't explained very well anywhere else that I can find, and then I'll write about it, if I have time - see posts.