I'm a software engineer of sorts and an ex-academic. Probably the best label for what I do is "research software engineer". In practice, that means I spend my time working with domain specialists to figure out how to solve their computational problems, understanding algorithms and how best to apply them, and planning / writing software packages.

Until mid-2017 I worked in the astrophysics group at the University of Oxford. My work there was largely focused on time-domain astronomy - chasing things that go bump in the night sky - as part of the 4 Pi Sky project, with the (broad) aim to automate both the detection and follow-up observation of astronomical transients. You can find more background information on the research page.

Along the way, I've worked on a number of open-source software packages. You can find some highlights and brief descriptions on the code page.

Occasionally I find myself doing things that I think may be of wider interest, or simply aren't explained very well anywhere else that I can find, and then I'll write about it, if I have time - see posts.